Tips for a successful year in school

Every pupil wishes to receive a report card that has nothing but A+ for every subject. This might be an arduous or rather an unfeasible task for some students but for any student who is steadfast in his determination, this dream can be easily fulfilled. Even a considerable amount of ‘A’s in your report card signifies that you are very close to success. Implementing some salient study tips will hasten the process of achieving this ideal report card.

Here are some tips and techniques I followed during the course of my previous academic year.

  1. Make Notes: Note making is kind of a success mantra for me. I recommend that 2016-02-07you start making notes with friends. You can divide the chapters into sections among yourselves and contribute to the making of notes. Always remember that notes need to be precise. Most textbooks have some unnecessary immaterial content. Try making your notes as concise and intelligible as possible. Also include some points learnt during lectures in your notes.
  2. Use the highlighter: Highlighter is an essential tool while revising. It’s important to understand that you should not highlight everything. You should highlight only those points, phrases, words or sentences that you think need to be memorized and are certainly going to come in the examination. So use your highlighter judiciously.
  3. Timetable is a must: You may think that this tip has become a cliché but there is a reason why everyone mentions about this. Just imagine a school where there were no timetables for periods. Everything would be chaotic, isn’t it?  Similarly, it is important to incorporate a timetable for each day. Include all activities you need to do. Prioritize your activities and devote adequate number of hours of each. Always keep your timetable flexible.
  4. Study for short periods before hand: I highly recommend that you should study
    Sotla 100%
    Do not forget to make a checklist to keep track of your progress

    for short sessions before instead of cramming the night before the exam. It has been scientifically proven that studying well in advance for short sessions helps improve retentiveness of information. Moreover, it is equally essential to repeatedly go through the same content in order to ensure that you don’t forget it. Also remember to include short breaks between study sessions to unwind.

  5. Never discuss, especially after exams: This is a technique I started practicing recently. It’s habitual to discuss your answers after the exam with classmates and we hear a gamut of answers. But when we hear something that is not at all related to what we wrote in the answer sheet, we get tensed. I believe that once we have written the answers  it’s not possible to change it right, then why while away time worrying about it. It’s better if we focus on the upcoming exams and pay more attention. If you are really tempted to indulge in some discussion then I suggest that you do it once all the exams are over.

I hope you will implement these tips and share your experiences.



8 thoughts on “Tips for a successful year in school

  1. Thanks for all the essential study tips. You have very articulately stated the tips along with their descriptions. I’m sure that these tips will definitely benefit me, I’ll surely implement them while studying, however I do practice a couple of the ones you mentioned . Overall, very well written.


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