Tips on making study notes

Study notes are a must for me. Initially, I read the entire text material, break it into chunks and make notes with my friend. During exam revision, I seldom referred to the textbooks because all my notes were handy. I used to type and print notes but it’s your choice after all. You can either print your notes or write them. Here are some of my tips on making notes:-


  • Point to remember: Always write notes in points. This makes it easier to remember.
  1. Include only important content in your notes: As mentioned in the previous article, I stress on the fact that notes need to be comprehensible. All extra inconsequential content need to be omitted in your notes.
  2. Use boxes, arrows, shapes etc.: In case you learn something new during school lectures, then include them in boxes or other shapes. Also try to bring flow in your points by using arrows.
  3. Post it and Highlighter: In case your curriculum accentuates on memorizing most facts, then I recommend that you either highlight that specific point or rewrite it on a Post it and paste it on your notes.
  4. Ask questions: While making points for your notes, it is advisable that you try framing a few questions. For instance, you read a paragraph from your textbook. Make about two to three questions pertaining to that paragraph. Now write down the question(s) in your notes and then include the points from the paragraph. This will give you an idea about what an ideal answer would be for that specific question. In a nutshell, I suggest that you follow a Question and Answer format in most sections of your notes.
  5. Don’t create a facsimile of the textbook: Always write your notes in your own words. This allows you to remember the information in such a way that is easy as well as accurate. For language subjects, try using other synonymous words and analyze the contribution of characters to the plot.
  6. 2015-10-25Use mind maps and flow charts: In some subjects, it would be better to use mind maps and flow charts in order to simplify the content. SmartArt in Microsoft Word or even sites like can be used for the same.

12 thoughts on “Tips on making study notes

    1. I type my notes in ‘Bookman Old Style’ font as it is quite easy to read. According to scientific researches, it has been shown that incorporating font that are arduous to read increases the efficiency of one’s Hippocampus- the region of the brain responsible for memorizing facts and incidents.


    1. I would suggest the UK National Curriculum. Here is an excerpt from a site with regard to the above curriculum, ‘Divided into four Key Stages, students are continually assessed in their learning and throughout Key Stages 1 and 2, children are routinely tested in SATS. At GCSE level, students must take English, Maths and Science, and can choose up to seven more examinations depending on their areas of strength and their plans for university and a future career. Specialising in specific subjects is expected from a very young age and the British curriculum is often criticised for its lack of breadth and in-depth studying of one or two subjects rather than continued learning across all subjects.’ I feel that this curriculum allows students to pursue the subjects they are actually interested in.


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