My thoughts on private tuition

CaptureThe question ‘Is private tuition necessary?’ is quite ambiguous. Parents these days spend hefty sums of money for their children’s private tuition. My opinion about the necessity of private tuition is ambivalent.

I believe that it is not necessary for students to opt for tuition if they want to learn the portion covered in the syllabi. Firstly, tuition pressurize students by giving them additional homework. Due to paucity of time, they may not be able to complete all their school assignments which in turn can have a negative impact on their grades. Secondly, tuitions can become tedious as it is like sitting in class and learning the same concepts again. But, in another perspective, this feature of tuitions is beneficial. Moreover, for some students a lot of time is wasted in travelling to and from the tuition centers. Tuitions can be a must for those timid students who don’t ask questions in class as they can get all their doubts cleared here.

In stark contrast, I feel that tuition is necessary for those pupils who have a voracious appetite for learning advanced concepts. Such classes, like Foundation Courses, can prepare students for competitive exams and senior grades. Moreover, when students learn advanced and new topics they can be perplexed and many doubts may arise. These doubts can be answered instantaneously in tuition. The multifarious sites available online can be used by students wanting to learn advanced topics but a drawback is that each site uses its own style of explaining which may baffle students.


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