Tips to improve your Vocabulary

Vocabulary is of paramount important while writing. The use of good vocabulary words never fails to impress others. Here are some of my tips on how to improve your vocabulary:-

  1. Read, Read and Read: I don’t emphasize on reading lengthy, tedious books or even novels. I believe that reading articles, magazines etc. also contributes to improving one’s vocabulary. Learn to become a voracious reader.
  2.   Write down: Make it a habit to write down or list the new words you come across while reading. You can also make use of the computer for the same.
  3. Understand the usage: I always recommend to read a couple of sample sentences for any new word you learn and understand where and how they are used. By ‘understand’ I do not mean that you memorize the exact definition.
  4. Your dictionary should always be accessible: Always remember to carry your dictionary along to places like your school and try to look up for the meaning of a new word as soon as you come across it.
  5. Use a thesaurus: At times peruse the thesaurus to get yourself acquainted with some synonyms for common words.
  6. Start writing more: In order to assess yourself and your understanding of the new words you learnt, try to write more. Try starting a blog or a personal diary.
  7. CaptureWord of the Day: Many online dictionaries have a section known as Word of the Day. It is recommended that you subscribe to any one and apprise yourself of new words.
  8. Try using a Learner’s Dictionary: Learner’s Dictionaries have simplified definition and better examples. If you try referring to one of these, then your vocabulary is bound to improve.

I hope that after reading these tips you will develop an insatiable hunger for improving your vocabulary. Do share your thoughts and feedback.


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