My thoughts about travelling

CaptureI love to travel. Although, I have not visited many places so far but I do want to become a globetrotter in the future.

Many people enjoy travelling. Travelling has numerous benefits. Firstly, travelling de-stresses those who are in the doldrums. One is bound to forget all his problems and just roam around, gaze at picturesque sites. This is one of the prime reasons why I enjoy travelling. Secondly, one gets to exchange culture, befriend people and get acquainted to new customs, traditions etc. Moreover, I believe that travelling is the best way to gain knowledge about this humongous world and about the multifarious people living in it. Lastly, visiting different places creates a multitude of experiences that can be cherished forever.

For me,  spending time in a sumptuous hotel, when I visit a place, is the best part about travelling. My family also goes to resorts during weekend, about twice a year. This enables us to divert our minds and we return energized and rejuvenated.

I prefer to explore places myself rather than opt for a planned package from any tour organizer. This allows me to see each and ever corner of the city or country and see how people in that place spend their days. I also feel as if I were an inhabitant of that place.

There are several places I wish to see. My travel plan is to first cover all the resplendent places in India and then visit places abroad because I believe that India is home to a wide spectrum of splendid places. So far I have only been to a few places in India, Sri Lanka and Paris.


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