My experiences in Paris #2

CaptureSince we are staunch vegetarians, there was a serious scarcity of vegetarian options for us in Paris. One incident that I always recall when it comes to food is the day when we visited Eiffel Tower. After our journey to the top of Eiffel, we began to amble in the quaint lanes of Pairs. After about an hour, we stood near a bus stand to decide on the places we would go next. I wasn’t in the mood to indulge in some travel discussion so I began to look around. What I read in the restaurant in front was totally ghastly to me, but might be impeccable for some. The menu had dishes containing snails, ducks, porks and more. 

It’s quite sad to say that thorough our stay in Paris, I sustained on only cornflakes, dates, nuts and milk.After eating insipid food for so many days, I actually began to think that my taste buds would soon succumb.  At times, I did eat French Fries but after examining it thoroughly and sniffing each one of them for about ten times. But, on the brighter side, the wonderful sites of Paris just made up for all this.

We also enjoyed an hour’s cruise on the Seine River. Though we didn’t enter Musée Captured’Orsay, we did get a close views of this majestic edifice. One after another, we saw a plethora of bridges. Our amicable guide never hesitated to apprise us of the significance and facts associated with each bridge. This was an hour I would never forget. We were delighted to see several attractions like Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame,  Pont Alexandre III etc.

CaptureI must agree that  Pont Alexandre III is the best bridge anyone would have ever seen. The intricate designs on light posts, marvelous structures and opulent appearance didn’t fail to intrigue me. We saw and went over several bridges. Some of which I can recall are Pont Neuf, Pont des Arts, Pont au Double etc.


To be continued …


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