My experiences in Paris #3

DSC_6095-compressedThe Notre Dame is truly the Lady of Paris, who stood there in all her glory. Every aspect for this cathedral is breathtaking; from the Rose Window to the Gargoyles. This place made me remember the fantastic Disney movie, ‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame’.

We spent two long days in the Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studious Park. It was a very long journey for us, in the metro, to reach the Marne-la-Vallee- Chessy station. These parks are located towards the outskirts of the city. In the former we hardly entered any attraction. The sole reason for this was the Wait Time displays at each queue. All of these displayed an approximate time one would have to wait in the queue before stepping into the magical world of Disney characters.

It was unfortunate that on the day we went to the Disneyland Park, it seemed as if all the visitors came here to accompany us. I was dejected as all the Wait Time displays for the attractions displayed numbers above two and a half hours. Waiting for two and a half hours or even three just to enter one attraction seemed asinine. Thus, we just strolled around the cavernous park but never entered any attraction.

My exasperation had risen to such a high level. I felt that our whole day was fruitless as we didn’t enjoy even a bit. Finally, I decided that I have to go on some ride. It was already evening. That is when we stood in the queue for the Phantom Manor attraction. The Wait Time displayed a whopping three hours but this didn’t deter me.

Surprisingly,  we were allowed to enter within one and a half hour. This was possible because many people left the line considering that the attraction was not worth the wait, just like what we did at almost all the attractions.

The Phantom Manor attraction was horrifying but at the same time amusing. We were taken on FotorCreateda tour around the whole manor. At the start, a group of people, including us, were told to stand in the hall. Slowly the lights faded and the floor began to move downwards. All around there were exquisite paintings of a lass. As the platform went down, the other halves of the portraits were show; which had a different scene altogether.

For instance, in one of them, the young women was plucking a few flowers and to my horror, in front of here was a grave with a ghastly skull and bony fingers popping out. In a nutshell, it attraction was totally amazing. Disneyland succeeded in creating an eerie atmosphere with phenomenal visual  and auditory effects, lighting, terrifying ghost bride, faint shrieks and realistic mannequins.

To be continued…


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