Tips on Managing your Day

Most people agree that managing different activities throughout the day can become an onerous task. I too am no exception. I believe that juggling among various activities throughout the day is a skill that can be developed by mere dedication. One should understand his goals and the importance of a well structured day. When we manage our day judiciously, we are able to fulfill our short-term goals. For instance, if a student manages to study most topics in a day-to-day basis then he is bound to pass the exams with flying colours.

Here are some of my tips to manage your day wisely:

  1. Make a timetable and follow it: I do understand that this tip is given by almost every other person out there, but this tip is quite essential. Just making a timetable will not suffice. One needs to follow it at most times. Moreover, the timetable should not be rigid that is we must be able to make some changes. After all, what we plan never happens.
  2. Make the whole process fun: Include some relaxation and rejuvenation periods in your timetable. Don’t make your timetable unfeasible or impractical by allocating time only for work. You must have heard of the saying”All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” My suggestion is that give yourself a gap of about 10-30 minutes between different tasks to freshen your mind. During this gap, try doing the thing you relish. For instance, listening to music, doodling, writing an article, etc.
  3. No distraction: Gadgets have made all of us more vulnerable to distractions. In order to prevent you from getting distracted, switch off your phone and place it far away from you. If you can’t control yourself, then it would be advised that you hand over your phone to parents( or any other responsible person) and instruct them to return it only when you complete your tasks. Also, you can utilize your break gaps for checking the updates on your phone.
  4. Meditate: Meditation is a way in which you can restart your brain and system. Try to make some space for meditation in your timetable as it enables you to review your performance and improves efficiency and concentration.
  5. Make checklists: Checklists are wonderful tools for reminding yourself about the tasks pending. There are two ways in which you can make utilitarian checklists. You can either create it using your phone (This is not recommended for those who switch on their phones for making a checklist and then are glued onto it) or can write down the tasks in hand. When I tick the things I have done, I enjoy an immense sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.
    • Making your own checklist: You can make your checklist using just any piece of paper or even a post it. Then strike off the tasks you completed.
    • Creating checklists using your phone( or any other smart device): There are some great apps available for making checklists. The app that I personally use is Wunderlist.
Visually appealing checklist created using Wunderlist

I hope that these tips will benefit you just as they did for me. Always remember that in case you are while away too much time in making checklists, timetables etc. then you should ‘Stop Planning and Start Working.’


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