Things to do this Summer

Summer vacation is the best part of the year because it is the longest break granted to students. Pupils all around the world desperately wait for this time of the year. A break from studies, unrestrained jollification and total relaxation are just a few of the attributes of this vacation. Here are some of the things you can try doing this summer:

  1. Go out: During school days, most students refrain from going out. Being confined to the four walls of your house will not fetch you anything. Instead, there are high chances of depression. After all, even our mind, body and soul require a change.
    • You can either fly to some distant place or you can roam around in your city or state. For instance, the United States is a vast country. People living there often tend to go to places within the country.
  2. Develop a new skill: Try your hand at various different activities like calligraphy, painting, dancing, photography or even acroyoga.

    Calligraphy is one of those things I learnt during the summer break many years ago.
  3. Do the things you love: Summer vacation is the best time for you to hone your innate skills. Try exploring your hobbies to a greater extent.
  4. Research: Make an attempt to learn new topics in the subjects of your interest. Lets assume that you are interested in nuclear physics. Then research about quarks , nuclear force, belt of stability, nuclear fission and nuclear fusion. This gives you an edge over the others in higher grades because you can easily grasp the topics.
  5. Start a blog: This is a thing I would accentuate on. Firstly, blogs help you to improve your lexicon and command over the language. Secondly, they make you confident enough to express yourself. Lastly, it gives immense joy.

Suggestion: I would advise all those students not to procrastinate and complete their holiday assignments at the earliest. This makes way for more free time. Also, do study a bit during the vacation. If you don’t study throughout this long gap, you might lose your touch with studying.



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