Tips to Face Problems in School

Every student has to face a myriad of problems in his or her journey in school. Students should learn to overcome and conquer these challenges rather than getting depressed or crestfallen.  Here are some tips to face problems in school and emerge successful:

  • Create an ideal image: If you don’t want to fall prey to unnecessary trouble then present yourself like an ideal student. Try your best to score well but most importantly respect teachers and students. This will earn you teacher and peer support which can be essential when someone tries to vilify you.
  • Facing Rumours: Schools are the hubs for circulation of hoaxes. In case your classmates start fabricating stories about you and spreading it then the best solution is to make it explicit that you are not enjoying what they are doing.
    • If the condition is getting to severe and your friends aren’t stopping then you can try reporting to the teacher. Remember that if you want your teacher to take stringent steps then you have to follow the first step given in this article.
    • I always recommend that you should face such situations on your own. For instance, if someone comes to you to enquire about the genuineness of the story then be bold and confront them. Either you can directly attack those who are cooking all these stories or you can say that it is all false.
  • Bullying: Bullying was a matter of grave importance a few years ago but numbers of such cases seem to be reducing currently. If you are a victim to bullying then remember not to step back from revealing about the brazen act. The first thing you must do is to apprise your parents of the incident that took place. Your parents in turn will take the issue to the school authorities.
    • Don’t be intimidated by anyone. If necessary then openly tell the names of those who bullied you. Always remember that your parents are with you.
    • Moreover, if you hesitant to point out at those who bullied you then the notorious students get the courage to continue. They might try doing the same to you once again.
  • Groupism: In most schools, students tend to form groups within the class. In case you aren’t a part of any then do not feel dejected. Firstly, groups aren’t always helpful. Secondly, they can be a distraction during lectures. But if you are craving to be a member of a group and  no one takes you in then try creating your own group. Your group could be a study group or a homework group or even a group to just have conversations.
    • If you have been facing isolation for a long period of time and you don’t know the reason why people are avoiding you then try taking a self-assessment check. Think about the various reasons why you think people will avoid you. Try doing this with someone who is ready to point out the reasons why he or she goes away from you.
  • Overburdened with work: It is good to accept some extra work (like classroom board decoration, chart making etc.) given by teachers but sometimes when too many teachers tell you to do various things it becomes a gruelling task. In such a scenario it is better to go to some of your teachers and let them know that you aren’t able to handle so much of work (in a very polite manner). Try asking them for some more time. Most teachers will either assign some other students to assist you or might give you some more time.
  • Competition among students: It is imperative to have healthy competition among peers in the class as it is conducive to better performance. Sometimes, such competitions take a different, unhealthy and fierce form.
    • Maybe you are not willing to be an active participant in this competition for better scores but your peers might drag you in. In such a case, you must request them not to involve you in all this and let them know that you aren’t interested.
    • Sometimes, you may want to be a part of the competition but your peers might underestimate you. In this case, you have to prove yourself by becoming diligent.



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