It’s been quite a short sabbatical of mine from writing on my blog. I had my hands full with academic and personal work that I couldn’t succeed in squeezing in some time for writing. Moreover, it has been roughly six months since I embarked on this journey of blogging. Though I didn’t manage to publish at least one article each month, I am excited on reaching this milestone. Hence, I have decided to be a bit more regular and prompt in the future. Furthermore, I inventoried some topics for upcoming articles.

‘Random Facts about Me’ is in the vogue these days, so I’ve decided to include 25 Random Facts about Me, under the pseudonym The Blogger.  Despite the fact that most of the salient details of mine, including my name, are undisclosed; I shall pen down these facts just to amuse my readers. Also, I have been inspired by another budding blogger and have decided to emulate her work.

  1. I have an indescribable obsession for stationery.
  2. I seldom read any books or novels. ‘Gulliver’s Travels’ was included in our syllabi and I must say that this book has just evanesced the little interest I had to read books.
  3. A few years ago, I used to play games with myself. This may make you think that I am a lunatic, but I assure you that I was and I am fine. I would consider myself as a character in some movie and roam around the house kicking and punching the air.
  4. This is an extension to the aforementioned fact. I had a plastic sword for many years. I used to fancy this sword and would spend a great deal of time in fighting with mystical-cum-invisible enemies. Sword-fighting continues to attract me. If given a chance, I would be glad to learn this fading art.
  5. I look upon most insects and bugs with disdain. The very sight of cockroaches exasperates me so much that I am filled with the desire to scorch the creature with a burner.
  6. I rarely watch TV. The channels that I watch are Discovery Channel, History TV 18, Nat Geo, NDTV Good Times and SAB TV. The only serial I watch and love watching is a Hindi comedy called ‘Taarak Mehta ka Oolta Chashmah’
  7. I am commonly called a ‘nerd’ in my school although I believe I don’t meet any of the criterions to be classified as one.
  8. I enjoy reminiscing. I spend time looking at photos and videos that I have taken in the past.
  9. I started writing a diary a couple of years ago and was regular for just a week. Later on, I again began writing a diary, with the aim of becoming a full fledged diarist, but didn’t succeed again.
  10. Four years ago, I began my own comic and managed to complete two pages. Ever since, I never tried to resume it because I realised that it demands too much time and patience.
  11. Whenever I watch a movie, my main aim is to figure out all the VFX used in it.
  12. Winnie the Pooh is my favourite character.
  13. I enjoy taking risks, overcoming my fears and having an adrenaline rush.
  14. I am sort of afraid of ghosts, apparitions and spirits yet I am always ready to hunt for them, especially in my home town with my cousins. My cousins and I take rounds in the Ghat section (mountainous regions) and attempt to spot some eerie things.  This thrills me.
  15. Unlike most people, I used to have a sticker collection.
  16. I love answering doubts and questions asked by others. This gives me a sense of satisfaction.
  17. Helen Keller is the person I wish I could meet. I am profoundly inspired by this prolific woman.
  18. I love spending time in hotels and resorts.
  19. I am an ambivert.
  20. I don’t believe in parading the things I do outside school, with classmates. This is a reason why I am not mentioning my name in this blog.
  21. I try to gain some extra information as and when possible and also attempt to free myself from the confines of the textbook. I hate it when people learn advanced concepts and start boasting about this in schools. I have come across a couple of people like this but I am forced to maintain amicable relationships with them.
  22. I feel that I get too tensed, thinking about the future, quite easily.
  23. I relish North Indian cuisine. In my opinion, chaats are the best savoury snack.
  24. When solving Maths, Physics or Chemistry problems and understanding concepts, I stick on to one question or topic until I have really understood it. I don’t like memorizing information and this is the reason why I don’t like subjects like Biology and Social Studies.
  25. I fail to understand how time flies. At times, it seems like an hour is as long as a day and sometimes, I feel like time passes extremely fast. The latter is common when I am in a hurry or when I have a multitudinous tasks to complete.



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